Hello Readers,

Have you ever noticed that it is really easy to have faith, hope, when things are going good.

But just as soon as a threat or hard situation comes into play, then you start to question …..wonder whats going on.

I remember a time when my bills were getting paid , and my children were happy and laughing and playing at the play ground. I didn’t  think about having faith when things were going good, but just accepted the peace of the day. It doesn’t mean , I didn’t have faith, but when things are going well,  we as humans it appears that we  don’t need to exercise our faith.

But as life continued and  my children got sick and my husband wasnt acting right and my job was  pressuring me and then i needed hope  of sorts and started requesting more faith, i did not have faith when things were going good? Or , did i? Hmmm! What is Faith? Is it hoping for something , or situation to be different from what you see? Or , is it truly believing that no matter what the outcome is, of any given situation, that you will be ok, faith , does it change things , or help you to accept things, faith, hope, is it the same for everybody, or its different?

Faith, is to me the hope that what I see and feel will work out in my favor and if it doesn’t , faith for me is that my GOD, will see me through it , with as much hope that i need for the battle.

What is faith to you?

I wonder if we only recognize the need for faith when things are not going well for us and when things are going well , we don’t even think about it……

Faith, one of the first words that people say , when your going through a tough time.” they say, Have Faith”. Faith is it something to have or is it related to Hope? Just thinking , today I CHOOSE FAITH! In good times and sad times.

Choose Faith!

Choose Hope!


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  1. Nice. Thank you for sharing.

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