Rain into Sunshine

Everyday, i awake with a painful ache in my soul and THE AWARENESS that my heart is still beating.

Everyday, i see the sunshine and at times i don’t feel the warmth as before but i know its still there.

Everyday ,worry seems to visit me without invitation and i have to tell worry to leave and take his friends panic and fear with him.

Everyday, my tears turn into joy and my joy turns back into tears but i continue to believe…..to hope ..to pray….and most of all Thank GOD!

Everyday in the midst of this journey called life, i surrender to the day and find so much to be Grateful for, so much to appreciate and so many to remember in my prayers.

Everyday I awake come Rain , come Sunshine.

Today I choose to turn MY RAIN INTO SUNSHINE!


About miraclesforus

Let's Change Life's! Let's Encourage each other with stories from our life's and acknowledge the HERO in all of Us!
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