Making Changes During the Storm

Have you ever taken a chance and moved out of your comfort zone and just trusted GOD!

For me taking a chance and experiencing something new , can be very scary at times.

But, i try to remember the old saying ” Nothing Ventured! Nothing Gained”.

Sometimes, change comes whether we like it or not and we find ourselves , in fear of the process, which means …just not wanting to go through it.

But, after the anger , and or feelings of  fear, temper tantrums in some cases , then we find ourselves, in a dilemma, we can go through this with a positive attitude or we can make it worse and go through the situation and  or circumstance of our discomfort with a negative attitude and find out real quick , that you can feel more pain.

When faced with adversity, I have found in my experience that it is okay for me to be scared and feel hopeless, helpless, but my feelings will not dictate my process of going through that event.

I try to schedule time for crying, singing, laughing, and definitely praying.

I will control the only thing I have control over…..that is how I react.

You may feel down at times and that is okay, but always make a plan to get up.

Just thinking and thought I would share some of my survival tools.

Talk to you soon.


About miraclesforus

Let's Change Life's! Let's Encourage each other with stories from our life's and acknowledge the HERO in all of Us!
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